You are invited to join us( Susan G Komen for the Cure Coastal, GA Afflilate) for:



“Pink”-nic with a Purpose!! 


Sunday, October 5




Forsyth Park, Savannah GA
Along the center sidewalk under the trees halfway.




What is Picnic in the Park?
A Savannah outdoor event, it’s an afternoon with music (provided by the Savannah Sinfonietta)


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Coastal Georgia Affiliate 

will offer a special prize for the 

Best Pink-nic with a Purpose


Time line

2:30-4:30-Komen Board Set-up/ Recommended time for “pink-nicers”
3:30 – 5:15 PM – Picnic Competition Registration
5:15 – 7:00 PM – Picnic Competition Judging
5:15 – 5:50 PM – SAA Orchestra
6:00 – 6:40 PM – Skyelite Jazz Band
7:15 PM – Announcement of Picnic Contest Winners
7:30 PM – The Savannah Orchestra Concert


How much you want to bet?  This will be the next trend. 

Brides maids all wearing different color dresses…

I love Carrie Bradshaw just as much as the next person but, what is THAT thing in her HAIR?!?!?!?! 

I really hope that has meaning!  HAHA..

Before you travel with your pet here are some things you should know!!

First Things First!!
A.  Know the breed and weight of Fido


1.  Make sure Fido is up to date with all vaccinations
2.  Some airlines if not most will make you present a certificate of acclimatization
3.  Make sure you get and are ready to check in  TWO hours before your flight!!!
4.  If you “think” Fido can fit under your seat, make sure first! 
5.  If fido will not fit under your seat, get size and dimensions of pet carrier
6   Depending temperament of your pet you may want to check with the vet about getting a sedative
7.  For long flights be prepared to include pet food and a water bottle

Happy Traveling!!

April 27, 08 TopHat Affairs will be in the Wedding Expo Sponsored by the Savannah SandGnats!  So, come on out!  Say Hi!  And let us help you with all your Event planning needs!

Please come and join us for Toastmasters @ 8:30 every monday morning
Magnolia Manor Richmond Hill, GA

Feb 19th The Susan G Komen for the Cure had their “Koming” out party and Grant recipeint event… 

i have heard from more then one person it was a complete success!  Great Job TopHat Affairs!  We did good!!

Pictures and the after action report to come when I don’t have babies screaming for me…. 

autismhgkjhg.jpgA small group of mothers got together in Liberty Co. and said there needed to be BIG changes in our community when it came to matter of how people viewed children/people with Autism. 
A small group of  passionate mothers said, “WE NEED A SUPPORT GROUP!”  
Then, the community said ” WE NEED A SUPPORT GROUP!!”  And well…  YOU HAVE ONE!!  
Now our support group needs to grow in numbers!  Our support group needs backing! Our support group needs to charter!  We have officers!  Well acutally we have officers by default… WE NEED community backing!  And with your help we can make this something GREAT!!

The Autsim Support Group of Coastal GA meets every fourth Thrusday of the month @ 7:30 in the Libery Co YMCA
We need backing!  We need support!  We need YOU!!autism.jpg


So, our computer got a virus and wiped out our hard drive!  Which means we LOST EVERYTHING!
You name it we lost it!

We are slowly recovering everything but, TopHat Affairs has had many sleepless nights! 

I am asking for everybody patience.



I have some kind words of advice! 
If you are seeking out an event planner for whatever your event/party/shower/wedding needs… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! D
o us a HUGE favor and have a budget for us!!  It’s so, frustrating to TRY and plan event when you don’t at least have some sorta figure in mind!!  If you give us a number ANY number we can try and work with it!! ( And I say TRY very loosely)
I know from my stance.  I want to work with you!  I even want you to come under your budget!  I like saving money!  But, the only thing I ask is PLEASE have a number in mind! 


Last Monday I went to Toastmasters!  Two things

1.  I love it!
2.  I SUCK…

and one more…  Even the coolest of the cool can choke!  It’s not easy to get up and do an inprumtu speech!  It’s hard… But, it’s very necessary… I want to become a kick ass better speaker!  So, if you are in the Richmond Hill area Monday’s @ 8:30-9:45 at Magnolia Manor come out and join us!  It’s a group of amazingly fabulous people! 

So, here is to an new chapter in my life!  And here is to getting over my fear of public speaking!  Wish me luck!